"Senja", a Hanovarian mare born in 2006, bred from Stedinger – Graf-Grannus – Werther by Irma Mund in Schneverdingen, Germany, came to me by chance. I saw her first as an unridden three-years-old. She ran up to me and at once I was fascinated by her youthful charm. I was able to buy her and she is now my talented junior horse, which I am schooling carefully in the system of Légèreté. I started her in hand and at the lunge until she found her balance, then accustomed her softly to the rider on her back. She is now moving well and relaxed in all three gaits under the rider, she is in balance and her rhythm is getting more and more regular. The work with her is based on mutual respect, trust and interest, and we are slowly growing together. I am happy about each progress she makes. She is still sometimes a little impetuous, but she starts to show her gentleness more and more.

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