Lateral Work: Presentation (Johannes Beck-Broichsitter) und Demonstration by horse (Martina and Birgit Beck-Broichsitter) at the Fair “Nordpferd” in Neumünster, North-Germany, 26-28 April 2013

Lateral work is an essential part of any training program and a key step to developing a supple horse. This step-by-step guide from my brother Johannes covers each lateral movement and provides exercises designed to prepare horse and rider for the first lateral steps as well as stretching and loosening exercises. Instructions demonstrate how to properly structure a training session, how to clearly direct the horse to perform required movements, and how to systematically educate the horse to perform lateral work. Source: klick
We will show you a training lesson with this work: My brother Johannes as the instructor, his wife Martina and me on horseback riding the individual exercises: sholder-in, haunches in, travers, renvers and half pass. Looking forward to see you in Neumünster!

Johannes Beck-Broichsitter
Lateral Work
Martina Beck-Broichsitter
Birgit Beck-Broichsitter

New Videos: Get an impression how Birgit is teaching a student of her at Philippe Karl and how Birgit trains Evita with Philippe Karl, click.

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