Of all my horses, this one is absolutely special: “Evita””, a Holsteiner mare born in 1998, from Exkurs (father, Holsteiner) and Vogelweide (mother) from Vierzehnender xx. I bred her myself. Her mother Vogelweide was already 25 years old when she gave birth to Evita. With this last foal, she gave me a very precious gift, which I appreciate all the more as the years go by, and which I still consider a stroke of fortune. She was startedat the age of four and soon trained according the philosophy of Philippe Karl, which allowed me to teach her a wide range of high-school dressage exercises: Evita knows all the lateral work in walk, trot and canter, piaffe, pirouettes, flying changes, repeated flying changes and Spanish walk. She is now learning the passage and first flying changes a tempi. She is a horse with such a great heart, who listens to me carefully and from which I always love to learn.Each moment on her back is a pleasure, and she helps me to perfect my knowledge.

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