Dressage clinics

My guiding principle

“My teaching is based on a holistic conception of the relationship and communication between the horse and the rider. I especially focus on the systematic training of the horse and the careful valorisation of both personalities according to the philosophy of the School of Légèreté.”

Cordiality and tradition
- Dressage clinics in Germany -

Birgit Beck-Broichsitter is a professional instructor and trainer (“Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterin FN”). She lives on the island of Fehmarn in northern Germany. She was a long-time student of her father, Helmut Beck-Broichsitter, and is a licensed Riding Instructor of Philippe Karl’s School of Légèreté.
In line with this philosophy of Légèreté (lightness), she is schooling horses of all kinds and on all levels of training: work in hand with snaffle and double-bridle, work on the basis of lightness (i.e. a lively mouth), improving the balance with a supple poll remaining the highest point, improvingthe flexibility, suppleness, freedom of motion of the shoulders and the activity of the back, using alternating lateral exercises and other relaxing or collecting exercises.
Physiologically sensible combinations of exercises,which enable the horse to understand us and promote his motivation and his pleasure to work with us, are major elements of this careful and gentle dressage work.
Birgit Beck-Broichsitter’s teaching is characterized by its high intensity in quiet concentration and its clear precision
founded on an understandable theoretical and anatomical basis.
On the basis of a holistic understanding of the communication and relationship between horse and rider, she especially focuses on the systematic training and the careful valorisation of both personalities.
As a rule, the weekend clinics (max. 8 participants) comprise four practical riding units for each rider, with individual work on all training levels, a theory lecture and a detailed wrap-up discussion with recommendations for further work.
Some locations organize three or four clinics per year, which ensures sufficient continuity in the schooling of horses and riders.

What will be offered in the clinics?

Each clinic runs either over 2 or 3 days with 8 participating riders. According to duration of the clinics there are from two to three individual lessons. Another unit will be hold in a group lesson (e.g work in-hand, jumping, training the seat etc.) A theory unit and a final discussion will complete the clinics, questions are welcome anytime. Mrs. Beck-Broichsitter explains her corrections extensively and complements them with theoretical implementation. If you wish Mrs. Beck-Broichsitter rides your horse also herself to get a feeling about the respective horse and to look after a solution which can be helpful for the respective horse and understandable for the respective rider. Other and helpful effects arise while watching in the lessons of the other course participants what is included in the course.

Who takes part in the clinics?

The clinics are open for all riders, all horse breeds and pony breeds and all riding styles. By the ambitious leisure rider up to the tournament rider represented in the popular sport the most different people, horses and ponies in the clinics are to be found. Mrs. Beck-Broichsitter concerns the situation always empathic, fetches every rider where he stands and develops with him his own way. One it is a matter of refining lessons and of riding correctly, another looks for lightness in hand and leg, and still another would like to improve the quality of the paces of his horse. Mobilisation of mouth, poll, neck, forehand and hind quarters are in the foreground. Physiologically sensible combinations of exercises, which enable the horse to understand us and promote his motivation and his pleasure to work with us, are major elements of this careful and gentle dressage work.
Also children are pretty welcome in the clinics. Mrs. Beck-Broichsitter informs the children in a sensitive kind. The horses and riders must dispose of no firmly defined education level, however, should be able to work in all three basic paces.

Spectators welcome!

Spectators are pretty welcome, either on a day-to-day basis or about the whole clinic what particularly is recommended if one wants to understand performance level and improvement of the respective horse rider's pair. They can also take part in the theory units. By the dissimilitude of the horses and riders and their level of education there is enough instructive to look at and to try out afterwards on your own. Not uncommon riders come first as a spectator to the clinics and then announce themselves for another clinic than rider.

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